Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hey blogger world

Sorry I am such a slacker, a lot has happened in almost a year. I have visited family, had lots of fun and made many memories! Since there is so much to cover to update you all i think i am just going to do a lot of pictures with brief descriptions.

Carriage ride at old Tucson

Horseback ride!!!

Group Shot!

Happy First Birthday Brianna!!!

Tucson Zoo

Watch Out Dad!!!

Leif Dropped a Deuce.

Oh just feeding my favorite animal!

Deep sea fishing! love it! That's a ling cod! and it is yummy

Tauren's first time deep sea fishing!

Riding a cool train at the tucson zoo

Brianna and Kaelynn! Man I love them!

Blonde highlights!

Loved the avengers!!!

My Flowers i planted!

Dad working in my garden

love my bestie!

Watching the twinners!

Yummy fish we caught while deep sea fishing!

Happy 30th Damien and Tauren

SeaWorld feeding the sea lions and seals!

Mommy and i at seaworld

Friday, September 23, 2011

New Beggining

Hey Blogger world,

We moved! We took forever to finally do it but we are super excited we finally did it. It took 3 full days of crazy moving plus the time of packing. But it is totally worth it. We feel so much better in our new place, there is a better energy and feel in this place. We moved from a two bedroom to a one bedroom. We are still in Ramona so we didn't move too far. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm a dork!

So I was out in my parents garden picking veggie and i found a hole...With My Foot! I tripped and fell and hurt my arm and my ankle. Well we were waiting from family to come and they were supposed to be there anytime so i decided to just hang out and wait for them, thinking it wasn't bad. So we settled in to wait and play a game of cards. Well the pain was too bad so we decided to go to the ER and find out what i did. It was a broken elbow, so they put me in a half cast and a sling. 2 days later i got my first ever cast on my first ever broken bone :( sad. I deal with the cast for 3 weeks, then get it taken off and 2 days after I fall and make the break worse! so back into the ER and back into a sling. I had that for 2 weeks and now i am just trying to get my rang of motion back in my elbow.


More pictures from our trip:

Visiting Family!

The first weekend in june my parents and i went to Arizona for Brianna's Blessing. It was fun we went for 5 days. Here are a tone of pics from it: